ustream live concert.

John Ohhh<3.
The maine's live concert. Black n White album concert.
Im so fucking stoked their new songs are so amazing.


lookbook time.

Yes! so finally i decide to get my lookbook profile and start updating it everyday, i got my invite code today and i got excitedd:) so yea i had to blog it, baha.

Its raining and thundering whoop <3

Nothing could feel more peaceful than right now, i just need more incense and candles and im done.

Ive been waking up early these days, well i gotta wake up early everyday, thats no bueno and no fun.

Pleasee if you want me to check ur lookbook or blog just type it in below and ill do (:

Much loveee,



"Whatever you do in life will be insignifigant, but it is very important that you do it anyway".- Ghandi

Ohh lord ive been wanting to get in some online courses fer this summer, im still in highschool, but yea i neeed a strong portfolio.
I think some online courses would be quite relaxing and would kept me busy.

Soo basically i havent gotten any sleep fer 2 days now..im a zombie i swear.
I just got back from my sewing classes, it was ok i guess, not as boring as other times.

I just wanna finish sketching some shirt thingg, and i gotta finish a skirt. blah.

I really dont know what im doing today, probably nothing..probably good movies,incense,me myself and i.

Ive been listening to acoustic alot, oh and indie(its a must).

Im in desesperate need of something good, like idkk, a random espontaneous trip (:
tilll then.



zombie mode.

Yes, im like a total zombie right now, slept 1 hour yesterday..and went swimming this morning. Chlorine is my new perfume, it sucks.
I felt like throwing up while swimming, probably was because of drinking green coffe + cigarettes + margaritas. mm.

i think i really need some sleep.
Ive been wanting a new book, i just finished reading "the perks of being a wallflower".
Good good book. i truly recommend it.
If you know some good books just comment below (:
Mm im gonna die soon;/. i need bath.
how hobo of me.

when everything turns blue.

Rockin daddys shirt.


Becoming alive

I dont even know how to start, is there even a start?

Days full of confusing thoughts and confusing ideas, dont know how to hand the situation, i messed up 1 year of my life..yes.(school).
I failed.
But in a way i think its making me grow up and analyze and just idk, be a different person in a good way i guess..
its actually changing me.
i know i gotta make a change.
get away from those who talked behind ur back.
who dont give a crap about ur life.
ive always said.."be yourself".. truth is..people are afraid of being themselves.
thats whats gonna make you succeed ignoring all ignorants getting in your way, all drama and bullshit.
so here i am at 12.57 am writing and kinda trying to give you the idea that..that.. idk something that im trying to discover.

much love,



So, im sitting infront of the computer, with a peace mood, listening to brighten..total mind relaxation. I realize today how much i love indie music. I really wanna change, sometimes i just feel so different from other people, i dont fit in here, im like the "odd,weird,stranger" person in this town. I just wish i had someone to talk with, i need to ventilate, and i feel i can do that by writing, and blogging, i dont even use this anymore, but i guess its like a good therapy..just letting everything out. Expressing myself, loving myself, changing the world.

Making a change.

thats the purpose of life, enjoying it..no matter what, dont let people contraddict you, tell you who you are. YOU make the life you want..give it a try. Dont try to please others by not being yourself,you know what.. fuck them. Just live it.


keep it classy,


The coming.

Its been liek forever since i did my last post, i guess im too busy living the "busy life". Alot of things had happen, like, im still the same dork lighting candles and putting incense all over my room, while reading some stephen sprouse and cursing at my tv. Yerrr.

I miss this, ive been a little offf with posting and stuff, but reality is, i need it.
Makes me think there are actually people out there who care about some random and stupid fashion post, or not even fashion but deliberation.

Nonsensee, yes,me.

Ill be posting some pictures soon, idk where my cam is, my room is jungle. LITERALLY.

muchh love.


i havent been able to blog:( and it makes me shitty cause ive wanting to but ive been just hella BUSSSSSSY. like really..its just awfull. school. volleyball. school. school. college stuff. agh like just so many things.
This past days have been just busy but nice:)
i FINALLYYYYY got my teen voogue handbook . yaaay.
and ive been really spiritual. well,more than usual.

Im loving music more than ever.
Cant take the earphones out my ears.:D
music is a BIG inspiration for me.

oh yea..if you wanna follow every single stupid detaill of my life please folllowwwwwww:
ill love you forever.

party hard.


We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.

- Sam Keen, from To Love and Be Loved


Cuppy cup.

My babies:

ahhh im finally done with my semesters! i really need to see a 100 old movies and hang out with friends..ive been just like so stressed out this week!.. and i just came from my volleyball practice..god i hate my coach..hes an arrogant cocky man that likes to bother my life. He really doesnt like me, he like HATES ME. but.. i really dont care:)
sooo..changing subject:) i bought a cute shirt from MNG. and i dont usually go in there to buy stuff..BUT I SAW THE MOST AMAZING CUTEST BOOTIES EVER! i love themm! i didnt had much money so :( but im going tomorrow or sunday:D


Who said life was cool without blue?


So this chapter begins.

Trapped in my own little messed up world, living kind-of a fake life..trying to escape reality and pretending to be somebody else.. trying to be so perfect for my life that it isnt working out. Im so different from the people that surrounds me, i guess they really never get to see the real me. All this faking and all this lies got me thinking about my future, i cant wait to see the world. The world i think of..everyday. The ballerinas, and the arts. Inspiration..Thats all ive got.

The flying teacups are just part of my life..they keep me going.
Fashion is a way to escape reality..i must not say fashion..because IT IS a way of life.
Beautiful way to see life.

People fail, and the main reason is because they dont see further than ther noses.
People are afraid to express themselves.
But you know..
If we dont risk it all..
Why are we living?


Its raining.
Semesters next week.
Cold.cold and more cold.
Missing my sister.


See you Friday:)
i have a stupid test of sociologfy tomorro.


Warm tea for the teenage soul.

While im sitting on my antique chair..or just laying on my bed..i think about my future so much,about my life in 3 years?
This cold got me thinking, i dont really know about the cold..i just know i want some sun back:(
My hands hurt.
My parcials are soon.
Im fat.
I love nature.
Oh oh.

Literature really helps me escape from reality, i really wish i could see those green green beautiful pastures.
I want to go to irland.:) i think about it like as i magical land or something.
My head is spinning and my chamomille tea waiting.
leave me a comment with ur blog or sumthing. ill forsure check it out


"This will be..Life
And it will blossom."

Shoutout to my beautiful sisters heels:)



I didnt remmeber about this..forgot how lovely it was.

My weekenddd was so busyy! i had like a freaking ton of things to do.. plus an amazing slumber party haha..i laughed all night long..almost peed.
Ive been working on my searchjing colleges+homeworks+stuff.
Looking for SAT stuff looking for this for that.. aaaaaaaaaaagh
just so busy..ill just try to kjeeo on track with my posts whenever i have time..like little extra time:)
i just cant stop.
the weathers been COLD
i kinda like it tho.. its like a really nice cold.. no rain..but just plain cold.
im trying to keep on with a "diet" but i just cant..! i think its bcuz my sis is here..once she goes back to NY im starting ittt!!!(or atleast ill try:/)
my mom made the betstetetestestest lemon pie..and i cant wait to taste it.
so yea..i gotta go back to my physics world.


window view<3

hallo again from my little strange odd world, but really..i think it has some kind of lovelyness in it..a drop of orange juice in it:) right? doesnt every life has that..amazing scents?..(im such a citrus scent person) so dont mind me:)

omg i have been like so freaking busy right now..likee yea..school and stufff..i have parcials next week..and i have a sht load of homework for thiss weekend..:( sigh..
I just got back from the bowling with my family and sister<3.. and my cousin..
we had fun..too bad i suck at it..u know:(
so..tomorrow wer having like a family reunion at my house..and my cous and my sisters sister..lol its ocming so its gona be fun..we r gonna watch all true blood episodes! isnt that just SO JUICYY!?!?!? LOVE IT.

So im sorry i dont have like anything interetsing to say right now..which iss just like freaking weird..but ill figure out something:) hehe




Hi cherries!

I havent had time to blog..i started school the 5th,omg i hatee waking up early haha..it sucks:( that xmas break went on so fast!
But yea i gotta focus on my grades now! and start working on my portafolio stufff.
i really dont know yet to what college im going.. im liking SCAD right now..but i really want to go to NY or LA.. but i dont know... hope i get scholarship or osmething..cause itll be kinda hard for me to afford a really good college.. so yeaa.

Imma start taking some graphic design courses soon..cause i suckk at sketching.
And i neeed to learn to sew asap also(one of my new years resolutions).
Losing weight is other:).

Im loving the CHI product for hair. amazinnnng.



All day has been rainy and cold..and im kinda not liking it..my hair gets all freezy and ugly and my lips dry up:( not likingg it much.
This was just another lazys ass sunday were i just lay on bed drinking chai and reading some:

yea im loving it! knowing about new trends amaze me. makes me happy :]
i dont have much to say right now,tho.
My sis gave me this nice ring today:) i like it.
Here is a pic of the dress she got me from h&m


ANd i also wanted to show you guys this bag i got from ZARA:
It unfolds and folds:) so its very useful..and i can see myself using it ALOT.

I Love this new things i got right now so yeaa:)
ill be posting more soon



2nd day of 2010.. i really want to start this yearr freshh,and just in a healthy MOOD..it will sure be difficult because of the wacko freak family of mine..but ill try..
This morning the weather has horrible..it was raining and cold..and later..water was drippin from my AC..ugh i had to wake up.. and had some heavy breakfast.
i dont know what im doing today..maybe just hang out with my sis i guess(:

ohhhh btw u can follow my twitter: JOYCESIU
take care little monsters(:


love paris Pictures, Images and Photos

haaappy new year :)

new year..new start..new clothes :D

i havent been able to blog right now..cause ive been busyyyy as hell :(
but here i am.. i have like so much to talk about..but im just gonna talk about the most importan t stuff..:D

New years was a blast yeswterday..omg i got like so freaking waisted..its not even funny..
but oh well:) i had a good time..
ive been loving me some http://www.urbanoutfitters.com :) they've got some pretty good vintage nice stuff.. specially the shoes section..i LOVE them all! i hate it that i cant get any cute warm blazer cause the weather in here sucks so bad..its like humid.. well it is! :( and so freaking hot..so yea.. its lame & i hate it.

then my sis came yesterday from NY .. ive missed her like SO MUCH.. and she brought me this VOGUE magazine and a gorgeousssssss H&M dress..i like it so much.. pictures soon i promise:)
And im just so happy shes here.. shes leaving like in 8 days i think? so shes staying wiff me:)
anddd yea pretty much that.. these days went on like so fastt! im starting classes on the 5th..i think? so yea prettyy much SUCKSS! :(

So, Happy New Year