Becoming alive

I dont even know how to start, is there even a start?

Days full of confusing thoughts and confusing ideas, dont know how to hand the situation, i messed up 1 year of my life..yes.(school).
I failed.
But in a way i think its making me grow up and analyze and just idk, be a different person in a good way i guess..
its actually changing me.
i know i gotta make a change.
get away from those who talked behind ur back.
who dont give a crap about ur life.
ive always said.."be yourself".. truth is..people are afraid of being themselves.
thats whats gonna make you succeed ignoring all ignorants getting in your way, all drama and bullshit.
so here i am at 12.57 am writing and kinda trying to give you the idea that..that.. idk something that im trying to discover.

much love,


  1. People are afraid to be themselves..
    The truth is, people who aren't are very brave.
    I think we should all aspire to be like them.
    I love this post xx

  2. thats right, i truly admire them.