"For me, life is about Chapters. Die and Born again, Die and Born again. It's the story of my life."-Donatella Versace

soo,monday..ahhh lovely mondays. Hope this week isnt as gray as a A&F shirt.I had a pretty boring weekend,yea..spent most of the time on my room, i dont know why but..my room always entertains me for some reason..i mean..its just a mess and a mixture of ac/dc and alice in wonderland.

i really want a frapp right now..or a DOBLE SHOT EXPRESSOO would be just wonderful.

The weather here is kind of weird..today the sun was annoying, not bright and pleasant but annoying..i would prefer a cloudy day, boosts my mood .

i always put on some aromatic candles and non aromatic and just candles candles and more candles that lighten up my room.

ohhhhh it just started sprinkling outside(with sun)..love it..love rain. And i have a hugee mountain just outside my window so it feels cozy..rain is just lovely like vintage pink, or like audrey hepburn<3

goddd ive been looking for:
1-.A secret vintage store
2-.Pink leather leggings
3.Fur head band

so bad!!.im getting those, asapp!

tomorrow i have no school,i dont know if procrastinating will work for me,(prolly not). Better do em tonight? i guess ill just try to higher my grades,didnt do well this last parcial.

im in desesperate need of reading a good book.
any suggestions are welcome .
also in desesperate need of some vanilla scent or blueberries.

stay lovey.