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I think i need a sunrise, im tired of the sunset.


its 11.00 now, but i woke up like at 9.00 by the screams and laughter of my sister.
Im not that excited of today being Saturday, because A) im grounded B) Dad is always mad at me for no particular reason.

But you know what..
i dont really..even care.

Im gonna be happy no matter what, im gonna go out and buy some candles and feel happy just for living for existing..and be able to breathe the delicious strawberries of a garden.

I thank God.
I Love God.

I just love everything in life, everything.
Including your comments, it makes me happy knowing someone is reading this weird words of mine..lol.

Weather: Not sunny,not cloudy.. but perfect.

Hope this lovey Saturday is full of joy & smiles to everyone.
Remember everything happens for a reason,live it.

Stay Lovey,