Skirt: ZARA
Blouse: Old Forever 21
Jacket: Vintage(from my moms closet)


christmas is comingg sososo soon.. and i fo sho cant wait..but so weird yesterdays wheather and todays.. ITS SUNNYY! like dudee.. ur ruining my xmas spirit..:( i neeed snow.

I dont know why i always specify my mornings..but here i go..
I woke up to my dog barking, cars passing, birds making noise, and my father downstairs.

This day was pure lazyness, fo real, i didnt do anything productive.. i feel kinda zombie-like.. and i had to listen to bull from my sis all dayyyyy long.. shes so annoying..really..i really cant stand her. Bt all i try to do is ignore her..altho her hannah montana with volumen 87 on tv
is kind of distracting!?

i hope you guys dont be lazy ass like me and go out and enjoy the beautiful weather from outside..every amazingg thing nature has.