THE tree :)

Woke up to a windy and cold morning.
A cup of coffee felt so great and lovey..

Im just like..amazed by all the beautiful things life has..i feel like i wanna just take pictures of everything and i just appreciate everything..every little detail
I love it how i can wake up late in this xmas holidays..plus the presents and stufff.
I keep on saying life is what u make it.. hope people enter reasoning and start living for themselves, not for other people that has nothing to do in your lives. Live for yourself, you only live once, take advantage of that, appreciate it..and just rock on:)

I went to zara..again..haha and bouught this washed-out jeanss..i LOVE it, and bought a scarf..:)
This days are feeling like an amazing cup of hazelnut coffee with xmas lights that just makes your day so joyful and lovely.