So this chapter begins.

Trapped in my own little messed up world, living kind-of a fake life..trying to escape reality and pretending to be somebody else.. trying to be so perfect for my life that it isnt working out. Im so different from the people that surrounds me, i guess they really never get to see the real me. All this faking and all this lies got me thinking about my future, i cant wait to see the world. The world i think of..everyday. The ballerinas, and the arts. Inspiration..Thats all ive got.

The flying teacups are just part of my life..they keep me going.
Fashion is a way to escape reality..i must not say fashion..because IT IS a way of life.
Beautiful way to see life.

People fail, and the main reason is because they dont see further than ther noses.
People are afraid to express themselves.
But you know..
If we dont risk it all..
Why are we living?