"This will be..Life
And it will blossom."

Shoutout to my beautiful sisters heels:)



I didnt remmeber about this..forgot how lovely it was.

My weekenddd was so busyy! i had like a freaking ton of things to do.. plus an amazing slumber party haha..i laughed all night long..almost peed.
Ive been working on my searchjing colleges+homeworks+stuff.
Looking for SAT stuff looking for this for that.. aaaaaaaaaaagh
just so busy..ill just try to kjeeo on track with my posts whenever i have time..like little extra time:)
i just cant stop.
the weathers been COLD
i kinda like it tho.. its like a really nice cold.. no rain..but just plain cold.
im trying to keep on with a "diet" but i just cant..! i think its bcuz my sis is here..once she goes back to NY im starting ittt!!!(or atleast ill try:/)
my mom made the betstetetestestest lemon pie..and i cant wait to taste it.
so yea..i gotta go back to my physics world.