(Juniors tshirt..design BY ME ) :D

Merry christmas eve:

Gingerbread to all of you <3333:

Cant wait for the fireworks, girfts & of course the foooooood! haha im such a fattie.
Anyways, may this day be full of joy and happiness to all of you, and have an amazing time with your friends and family:)

Im going to finish some xmas shopping TODAY.. i know..so late.. anddd i hope my bro likes his gift..haha..best gift ever..i swear lol..:) ( picture soon)

well lovies, you can leave comment below of what r ur plans for today or what u asked for xmas:)
(i asked forr) :
2.some zara purse
3.lots and lots of clothes
4. a new iphone
5.new earphones
8.needling kit

soooo yes leave below ur wishlist or whatever its called:
much love<3333