ustream live concert.

John Ohhh<3.
The maine's live concert. Black n White album concert.
Im so fucking stoked their new songs are so amazing.


lookbook time.

Yes! so finally i decide to get my lookbook profile and start updating it everyday, i got my invite code today and i got excitedd:) so yea i had to blog it, baha.

Its raining and thundering whoop <3

Nothing could feel more peaceful than right now, i just need more incense and candles and im done.

Ive been waking up early these days, well i gotta wake up early everyday, thats no bueno and no fun.

Pleasee if you want me to check ur lookbook or blog just type it in below and ill do (:

Much loveee,



"Whatever you do in life will be insignifigant, but it is very important that you do it anyway".- Ghandi

Ohh lord ive been wanting to get in some online courses fer this summer, im still in highschool, but yea i neeed a strong portfolio.
I think some online courses would be quite relaxing and would kept me busy.

Soo basically i havent gotten any sleep fer 2 days now..im a zombie i swear.
I just got back from my sewing classes, it was ok i guess, not as boring as other times.

I just wanna finish sketching some shirt thingg, and i gotta finish a skirt. blah.

I really dont know what im doing today, probably nothing..probably good movies,incense,me myself and i.

Ive been listening to acoustic alot, oh and indie(its a must).

Im in desesperate need of something good, like idkk, a random espontaneous trip (:
tilll then.



zombie mode.

Yes, im like a total zombie right now, slept 1 hour yesterday..and went swimming this morning. Chlorine is my new perfume, it sucks.
I felt like throwing up while swimming, probably was because of drinking green coffe + cigarettes + margaritas. mm.

i think i really need some sleep.
Ive been wanting a new book, i just finished reading "the perks of being a wallflower".
Good good book. i truly recommend it.
If you know some good books just comment below (:
Mm im gonna die soon;/. i need bath.
how hobo of me.

when everything turns blue.

Rockin daddys shirt.


Becoming alive

I dont even know how to start, is there even a start?

Days full of confusing thoughts and confusing ideas, dont know how to hand the situation, i messed up 1 year of my life..yes.(school).
I failed.
But in a way i think its making me grow up and analyze and just idk, be a different person in a good way i guess..
its actually changing me.
i know i gotta make a change.
get away from those who talked behind ur back.
who dont give a crap about ur life.
ive always said.."be yourself".. truth is..people are afraid of being themselves.
thats whats gonna make you succeed ignoring all ignorants getting in your way, all drama and bullshit.
so here i am at 12.57 am writing and kinda trying to give you the idea that..that.. idk something that im trying to discover.

much love,