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Alejandro by Gaga (:
pointless song..somehow catchy.

The whether has changed drastically, its effin hot now..not liking it that much.
Im just like playing this addictive game on facebook called happy aquarium..haha
anddd yesterday i was just shopping online like crazy..i bought like 3 burt bees soaps and a kit..bought some forever 21 jewelry and clothes..and h&m skirts.(:

i just found these hand & nail cream from trelivings..organic tea tree, its really goood..its chamomile wiff shea butter..and the cream says against animal testing at the bottom..
i dont even remember when i bough it?
loving it.

i feel lazy every mondaaaaaaaaay. arghhhh
i need like a monday inspiration?

peacee & rock on (:


Sunny Sundaaaayyy(:

God, beautiful weather outside!
lovely day to go out and just chill.

So,i have like 3 places to go out today.

I have a feeling todays gonna be a pretty good day.
Praise God
Feels good to take a shower and put on some cherry blossom cream and your fave zara skirt and topshop blouse(:

I woke up in the morning feeling like p.diddy

haaa. not really..but

Havee a nicee stylish and lovey daay



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I think i need a sunrise, im tired of the sunset.


its 11.00 now, but i woke up like at 9.00 by the screams and laughter of my sister.
Im not that excited of today being Saturday, because A) im grounded B) Dad is always mad at me for no particular reason.

But you know what..
i dont really..even care.

Im gonna be happy no matter what, im gonna go out and buy some candles and feel happy just for living for existing..and be able to breathe the delicious strawberries of a garden.

I thank God.
I Love God.

I just love everything in life, everything.
Including your comments, it makes me happy knowing someone is reading this weird words of mine..lol.

Weather: Not sunny,not cloudy.. but perfect.

Hope this lovey Saturday is full of joy & smiles to everyone.
Remember everything happens for a reason,live it.

Stay Lovey,


Who am I to say you love me?

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Sometimes i feel like life is just something magical, something not all people see.
A cup of sweet tea, would make me feel good..but just for the moment.

I really wish i could see life.
Feel it.
Live it.
Love it.

And, fashion is just another way of feeling it..and not just fashion but things life has to offer.

It just makes me happy to know some people in the world
enjoy every little random stuff.
Every flower.
Every bead.
Every picture.

Live as much as possible.

For as much as i love autumn, im giving myself into ashes.

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Another cloudy,rainy day.. and it doesnt gives me a feeling of joy or cozyness but this time i feel lazy and sad, and just want to roll all over my bed foreever.

Today i felt like using a h&m coat and some zara heels.
If you were wondering why i dont post
any pictures of my clothes or outfits,
its because they stole my camara
and im getting a new one on the 18th..so yea, cant wait.

i could just some company right now. or somee new vogue magazines (:
My puppy is using this cute red coat. Love her.
Her name is Honey.

soo, today im going to my aunts to have some turkey.(again)
and juust hang out with the family i guesss.

Nothing intersting this lovely Friday.
Maybe watch blossoms grow, and smell fresh strawberries.

viel liebe,


Short stories with Tragic Endings


soo, aghh i just couldn't skip this day s blog,Happy Thanksgiving btw(:
My day started by waking up at a rainy & cold day,and my egyptian cotton sheets couldn't feel any more comfortable. I went to school half asleep half dead.
And ate turkey. (must admit was good)
Then came home..and im at my moms office,
idk why im even mentioning that,
anyways, im with my loved-psychology book ready to
do some homework and of course reading some lovey blogs.

God, please throw me a cup of tea!
Its just so cold and cloudy outside, which i absolutely love.

Ohh yea, yesterday i was suffering from insomnia(like i always do) turned on my desk lights and started sketching,
and today that i woke up and saw em..they were cree-py. Made some kind of rabbit faced doll? idk. weird. Guess sketching with insomnia is not a good idea.
Maybe watching a old gossip girl season were Taylor Momsen was a total unfashionable chick.

I better go watch a movie,like breakfast club,
buy some lemon candles or just build a tree house on the amazons.

Stay Loveeey,


Die to live

yesterday and today have been pretty much of traumatized days for me, not in the sense of procrastination or something like that, but had some kind of familiar confrontation..yeaaa lame, and my mom was just lovely with me. love her to deathh.

i just wanna be in top of a mountain drinking chai

and taking care of puppies.

Stay lovey,


"For me, life is about Chapters. Die and Born again, Die and Born again. It's the story of my life."-Donatella Versace

soo,monday..ahhh lovely mondays. Hope this week isnt as gray as a A&F shirt.I had a pretty boring weekend,yea..spent most of the time on my room, i dont know why but..my room always entertains me for some reason..i mean..its just a mess and a mixture of ac/dc and alice in wonderland.

i really want a frapp right now..or a DOBLE SHOT EXPRESSOO would be just wonderful.

The weather here is kind of weird..today the sun was annoying, not bright and pleasant but annoying..i would prefer a cloudy day, boosts my mood .

i always put on some aromatic candles and non aromatic and just candles candles and more candles that lighten up my room.

ohhhhh it just started sprinkling outside(with sun)..love it..love rain. And i have a hugee mountain just outside my window so it feels cozy..rain is just lovely like vintage pink, or like audrey hepburn<3

goddd ive been looking for:
1-.A secret vintage store
2-.Pink leather leggings
3.Fur head band

so bad!!.im getting those, asapp!

tomorrow i have no school,i dont know if procrastinating will work for me,(prolly not). Better do em tonight? i guess ill just try to higher my grades,didnt do well this last parcial.

im in desesperate need of reading a good book.
any suggestions are welcome .
also in desesperate need of some vanilla scent or blueberries.

stay lovey.



"It is better to live your own destiny imperfectly than to live an imitation of someone elses life with perfection" -the Bhagavad Gita

Hi world

heeeeeey :) woahh first blog here.(:
kind of exciting?
like a cup of chamomille tea on a cold morning.<3

Im Joyce,im 16 , and i live in a very fay away country named Honduras..(no its not in Asia)

basically ill just talk about what inspires me, ill say im not like everyone else, my friends think i have a very "odd" taste i must say? fashion is something that inspires me, but not only that, it just takes a big role of what i am and i love to express people about who i am. Photography is also something i love doing, love mixing up things, being creative, music inspires me ALOT..aahhh last but not least, Journalism..i enjoy so much writting, just deliberates me from the world and calms me down(: love making stupid stories..Life is full of surprises, people just have to learn to cherish it.

one day i could the marlyn monroe, the rockish vintage or the cherry pink.
i just cant stick in one style, ug not me.

so i invite you guys to check my blog, and the things i enjoy doing, the story of my life(:

my mom thinks i dress weird