For as much as i love autumn, im giving myself into ashes.

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Another cloudy,rainy day.. and it doesnt gives me a feeling of joy or cozyness but this time i feel lazy and sad, and just want to roll all over my bed foreever.

Today i felt like using a h&m coat and some zara heels.
If you were wondering why i dont post
any pictures of my clothes or outfits,
its because they stole my camara
and im getting a new one on the 18th..so yea, cant wait.

i could just some company right now. or somee new vogue magazines (:
My puppy is using this cute red coat. Love her.
Her name is Honey.

soo, today im going to my aunts to have some turkey.(again)
and juust hang out with the family i guesss.

Nothing intersting this lovely Friday.
Maybe watch blossoms grow, and smell fresh strawberries.

viel liebe,

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