Short stories with Tragic Endings


soo, aghh i just couldn't skip this day s blog,Happy Thanksgiving btw(:
My day started by waking up at a rainy & cold day,and my egyptian cotton sheets couldn't feel any more comfortable. I went to school half asleep half dead.
And ate turkey. (must admit was good)
Then came home..and im at my moms office,
idk why im even mentioning that,
anyways, im with my loved-psychology book ready to
do some homework and of course reading some lovey blogs.

God, please throw me a cup of tea!
Its just so cold and cloudy outside, which i absolutely love.

Ohh yea, yesterday i was suffering from insomnia(like i always do) turned on my desk lights and started sketching,
and today that i woke up and saw em..they were cree-py. Made some kind of rabbit faced doll? idk. weird. Guess sketching with insomnia is not a good idea.
Maybe watching a old gossip girl season were Taylor Momsen was a total unfashionable chick.

I better go watch a movie,like breakfast club,
buy some lemon candles or just build a tree house on the amazons.

Stay Loveeey,

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