Warm tea for the teenage soul.

While im sitting on my antique chair..or just laying on my bed..i think about my future so much,about my life in 3 years?
This cold got me thinking, i dont really know about the cold..i just know i want some sun back:(
My hands hurt.
My parcials are soon.
Im fat.
I love nature.
Oh oh.

Literature really helps me escape from reality, i really wish i could see those green green beautiful pastures.
I want to go to irland.:) i think about it like as i magical land or something.
My head is spinning and my chamomille tea waiting.
leave me a comment with ur blog or sumthing. ill forsure check it out


  1. lovely blog! these pictures are so cute! and don't worry you have so much time ahead of you to do great things!

    xo, C.