Hi cherries!

I havent had time to blog..i started school the 5th,omg i hatee waking up early haha..it sucks:( that xmas break went on so fast!
But yea i gotta focus on my grades now! and start working on my portafolio stufff.
i really dont know yet to what college im going.. im liking SCAD right now..but i really want to go to NY or LA.. but i dont know... hope i get scholarship or osmething..cause itll be kinda hard for me to afford a really good college.. so yeaa.

Imma start taking some graphic design courses soon..cause i suckk at sketching.
And i neeed to learn to sew asap also(one of my new years resolutions).
Losing weight is other:).

Im loving the CHI product for hair. amazinnnng.


  1. i hate waking up in the morning as well.. I'm not a morning person a t all and with this break i have been getting a lil to comfty with sleeping in. i start school back on the 19th, i have a lil more time but it will be here before i know it.. good luck with school!

  2. aww well enjoy theseee few days!
    causeee i take the first 2 classes and i just wanna go back to sleep:( lolz