Im rOcking the ACDC shirtt today..

woke up to the strikes of the sun hitting on my face today..
it felt good.. ive missed it.
It gives another vibe..the sun.
i almost forgot how it felt..

Im gonna go to the movies with the fam today..and then gopnna look for a little treasure for my bro :)..
i think hes gonna like it.

OMGGG 2 more days?!..
Feels weird..idk why..its christmas..i mean..i doont know:)
I really dnt want January to come.. i feeel so lazy during that month.

Imma just enjoy this december days:)



  1. i love that shirt! & i swear i thought i was the only one who thinks it doesn't feel like christmas suppose to be here so soon.. idk.. it's really weird to me. lol. i hope you ennjoy your holiday!!

  2. i know rigghhht! feeels odd..
    but oh welll